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Thailand Farms Vegetables
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Welcome to Thailand Farms

Thailand Farms is a wholesale vegetables manufacturer and supplier to supermarkets and franchise restaurants in Thailand and also for export abroad. We sell fresh vegetables at wholesale prices and frozen vegetables are manufactured to your company needs. Thailand is a leading exporter of fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables, and our Thailand based vegetable manufacturing facilities can supply a large amount of product to meet the needs of most small, medium and large companies around the world.

Our Thailand Farms web site displays pictures of fresh and frozen Thailand vegetables that we currently pick, wash, process, package and transport for our customers. Wholesale vegetables that we select, process and ship meet all export requirements and can be customized to meet your company needs. If you would like to buy fresh or frozen Thailand vegetables wholesale please contact us for more information.

Thailand Farms

Fresh & Frozen Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables from Thailand Fresh Vegetables from Thailand can be found in markets and restaurants around the world. Fresh cabbage, lettuce, peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, cucumber, asparagus, and more fresh vegetables.

Frozen Vegetables from Thailand Frozen Vegetables from Thailand peeled, cut, chopped, shaped, packaged and shipped. Frozen potato, broccoli, beans, garlic, mixed vegetables, ginger, lemon grass, lemon skin, parsley, carrot, peppers, and more frozen vegetables.

Pictures of Thailand farms, transportation, and vegetable processing factory.